Orchid-growers are flocking to the repotting workshops that horticulturist Carol Allen is giving at both our locations, so here’s a closer look at Carol.  Her knowledge of plants goes waaay beyond just orchids.   Looks like we could pick her brains on just about anything plant-related:

Carol’s been involved in gardening and horticulture since childhood.  She has worked in almost all aspects of the horticultural industry and confesses to being a confirmed ‘plant-a-holic’. Carol enjoys teaching people about plants and their care and occasionally teaches at the University of Maryland, College Park.  Fascinated by the interplay of pest and prey, Carol recently returned to college and earned a degree in horticulture.  She is currently enrolled as a graduate student in plant science at the University of Maryland where her research is in transfer of virus disease in orchids.

Carol speaks to various plant groups and societies on a wide range of horticultural topics.  She can be heard at Brookside Gardens teaching organic gardening, speaking on building a butterfly garden at a local garden club, teaching master gardeners about houseplant care, or talking about pests and diseases at a regional orchid society.  She is an integrated pest management specialist and a licensed pesticide applicator in the states of Maryland and Virginia.  Readers are informed and entertained by her column in the Washington Gardener magazine on pest issues.  Carol confesses to growing a wide range of plants in and around her home that she shares with cats, anoles, tropical frogs, tropical fish, and pet snakes.


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